Not satisfied with your current health and fitness?

  • Relying on getting to the gym to get your exercise?
  • Not seeing the improvements you hoped for?
  • Want the freedom to train anywhere suited to your lifestyle

I get how easy it can be to lose motivation.

After a long, draining day at work - chasing after children - or even slogging it out on the road travelling - the last thing you want to do is drag yourself to the gym and fight the crowds.

So - what if you didn’t have to

What if you could exercise anywhere, on your own terms, without fancy equipment - and get into the best shape of your life?

That’s exactly what I’ll help you do - like I’ve helped a heap of others - with my Bodyweight Built training programs.


Matt Fox - Former pro athlete, qualified personal trainer, cancer survivor, and time-stressed new dad

Bodyweight Built is the product of my own fight to keep up my health and fitness in the face of those relentless, everyday life pressures - the same kind I’ll bet you’re facing.

I had 8 years travelling the world as a professional athlete. 10 more in constant training. I learned from the best trainers and sports coaches in the world. So I should have been set for life, right?

Wrong! With a full time job, a new baby, barely a moment to spare - and bored senseless with the same routines at my expensive, overcrowded gym - I hit my own fitness wall. My results stalled. And I knew I had to find a different way.

I also knew there must be thousands of others out there (like you?) struggling with the same frustrations.

So I put together everything I learned from my years of professional training, extensive studies, sports regimes and expert coaching, plus from experimenting with all kinds of training styles. And I created Bodyweight Built…

A straightforward, online, simple-to-follow, week-by-week exercise regime you can use whenever, wherever, however you choose - without  fancy gym equipment . Suitable for ANY body of ANY fitness level- with genuinely amazing results.

Haven't got the results you've always wanted?


I’ll bet you’ve heard a lot of conflicting information about exercise. Been told you have to lift weights to build muscle. Maybe bought into some common fitness myths that are actually keeping you from getting the results you want. Let’s take care of that right now…


MYTH #1 - You need to spend hours in the gym every day to make it worthwhile

One of the greatest benefits of Bodyweight Built training is that it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Every exercise works more than one muscle group at a time. So it optimises your workout time - instead of wasting hours isolating individual muscles on machines that may produce a fraction of the result.

Bodyweight works every major group as well as the smaller ‘muscle stabilisers’. And it elevates your heart rate at the same time, for a fat burning bonus.

MYTH #2 - Strength training means using machines and heavy weights

Strength training means using resistance to work your muscles - and that resistance doesn’t have to come from a machine or free weight. Working with your own body weight creates more than enough resistance to spark growth and strength gains.

MYTH #3 - Machines are safer because you’re doing it the same way every time

It might seem like an exercise machine puts your body in the right position and helps you do the movements correctly. But fact is: every person and body is different. Without the machine properly adjusted to suit you, injury is a huge risk.

MYTH #4 - You need to do at least 40 minutes of cardio to get any benefit

Far from the truth! You don’t need to spend hours on a treadmill or run kilometres before breakfast to burn fat. In fact, you’re wasting your time.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) - the kind you’ll find in my Bodyweight Built program - uses short bursts of effort followed by short recovery periods. It challenges your respiratory system to deliver oxygen efficiently to working muscles - speeds up your metabolism - and creates an ‘afterburn’ that works off extra calories for hours after your session.

HIIT takes less time - pushes your body harder than steady, boring cardio - and gives you faster results.


The complete online training programs using only your own body weight for workouts - Bodyweight Built gives you the freedom and knowledge to train anywhere, at any time, with no expensive gym memberships, crowds or special equipment. I’m so sure you’ll love it that I’m making you this promise…

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If you’re not satisfied? If my 12-week program doesn’t do what I say it can, then it’s FREE!

Our 30-day money-back promise: If the Bodyweight Built 12 Week Transformation hasn’t improved your performance in at least three of the eight quantifiable fitness measures in the first 30 days of training, we’ll return 100% of your money, no stress.


  • 1. Anyone can do it. Beginners, intermediates and athletes. Workouts can be as tough or gentle as you choose.
  • 2. Saves money. No gym memberships, no expensive exercise equipment needed.
  • 3. Saves time and hassle. No need to travel to the gym and fight crowds.
  • 4. Great variety of exercises to keep you interested and motivated.
  • 5. Works multiple and different muscle groups for maximum exercise efficiency.
  • 6. Builds strength and muscle.
  • 7. Increases metabolism and helps weight loss naturally, without artificial boosters.
  • 8. Increases stability. Teaches your muscles to work together rather than isolates them.
  • 9. Portable and convenient. Exercise wherever, whenever you want.

Ready to get in the best shape of your life?

Here are a few ways we will help!


Suitable for any body of any fitness level. Take your health and fitness to the next level with personal support tailored specifically to your fitness level, goals and training needs. Online access includes:

  • Your own individualised training program. Four weeks of training planned out for you in advance (4 sessions per week). You tell us your goals, we will design it just for you!
  • Customised cardio, strength and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts to fit your lifestyle
  • Individualised calorie intake calculated to meet your goals (So you know the exact amount to be eating)
  • Daily target amount of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates) calculated just for you
  • Program and calorie intake updated every 4 weeks as you progress and improve
  • Private Facebook group to interact with other members and keep each other motivated
  • Daily contact and regular accountability check-ins with your Bodyweight Built trainer
  • Bonus workouts, recipe and food ideas. Recovery and stretching tips added to Private Members Group
  • Goal setting and mindset techniques
  • Android App
  • Plus all 12 Week Transformation resources including 160 + video tutorials, 24/7 email support and more


The proven, powerful, time-efficient and inexpensive way to get your exercise regime on track - and make a remarkable improvement to your health and fitness in just 12 weeks. Online access includes:

  • 12 week, day by day, week by week online training plan. The most comprehensive full body, set transformation program I offer. Guaranteed to stack on lean muscle and become an advanced calisthenics athlete
  • Exercises using only your own body weight, incorporating cardio, strength and HIIT based training
  • A challenging and progressive workout for constant improvement. Access to a pull up bar needed
  • Each day’s exercises, reps and sets listed, so you never have to come up with an on-the-spot plan again
  • Rest times between sets and exercises and rest days specified, to take away any confusion
  • Video tutorial of every exercise in the program - To make sure your technique is correct
  • 24/7 email support + Bonus workouts, tips and body hacks sent to you throughout the 12 weeks
  • Private members area. PDF access to all 12 weeks of the program, over 160 videos and motivational content
  • Android App
  • Lifetime access to the program and members area


What people are saying about Bodyweight Built

  • Andrew B Andrew B
    After only a few weeks doing the Bodyweight Built program I am already seeing a massive change in my body! I've wrestled for 12 years and this workout plan is insane! Best money I've ever spent!!!
  • Wilda F, New Mother Wilda F, New Mother
    3 Months after giving birth, Bodyweight Built has gotten me in the best shape of my life. I can exercise while watching my child in the living room and get an amazing workout in at the same time. My body is beyond what I ever thought possible post pregnancy thanks to Bodyweight Built training programs!
  • Adam Kennedy, Former Pro Tennis Player, Grand Slam Competitor Adam Kennedy, Former Pro Tennis Player, Grand Slam Competitor
    Matt’s knowledge and dedication to health and fitness is some of the best I've come across. The Bodyweight Built system has transformed my training and how i look and feel, I love the freedom it gives to my workouts and the results speak for themselves!
  • Lachie B, Engineer Lachie B, Engineer
    The Bodyweight Built system has totally transformed my body shape and core strength. I no longer have a sore lower back and my posture has improved out of sight. I’m loving the definition and muscle tone its helped me develop!
  • Adam W, American Ninja Warrior Adam W, American Ninja Warrior
    I started my fitness journey going to the gym but every time after lifting weights I'd get bored so I started practicing body weight training instead and wow! The transformation came much quicker and the strength I gained with it was simply amazing! I run obstacle course races and ninja warrior so bodyweight is truly the best training for me! I'd highly recommend these exercises and program to anybody out there looking to change their whole fitness life!"
  • Ashlee O, Senior Account Director Ashlee O, Senior Account Director
    I had tried getting fit by myself at the gym but wasn’t really achieving anything. Not long after starting to train with Bodyweight Built I started seeing some great results. My body shape began to change, my fitness levels increased and my posture started to improve. I love the variety in each session & not training in a traditional gym lifting weights.
  • Alberto N , Mr Austria winner Alberto N , Mr Austria winner
    "I love that I can do the BwB programs anywhere! Even if I just have little time, I can easily get a full workout in with little or no equipment at all - and the pumps and progress are great! Totally shocks my body which is used to heavy weight gym sessions."
  • Amy C Amy C
    For someone who has never exercised and always been a girl who buys a gym membership but only goes twice due to intimidation, never played sport throughout school due to not feeling confident, I couldn't be happier to know I've found something I enjoy doing without having to be in a gym environment. The workouts are so convenient as I can do them all from home and its filled me with confidence seeing the changes in my body!
  • Sarah A, Accountant Sarah A, Accountant
    I have been using the Bodyweight Built program for three months now and the results are amazing! I have tried many different training regimes in the past but have never seen results like I am seeing now and I am seeing them so quickly. I am a working mother with two kids under 4 and it is safe to say I am OBSESSED with this way of working out!!!
  • Jess O Jess O
    I love the Bodyweight Built program!I can do it at anytime of the day, as I have a 8 month old I couldn't always get to gym. Now I can do it when he naps or outside in the fresh air as he play. I honestly feel full of energy, less stress and so much more comfortable in my own skin and mindset.The results are amazing! I have muscle tone, my stomach is tightening and my endurance is so much better! All done without equipment!!! All I can say is i haven't been this happy for a long time.
  • Lee z Lee z
    Joining Bodyweight Built has been the best decision that I've made in my body building journey. I used to go to the gym every day looking for an effective workout but always the crowded gym affected my plan. With Bodyweight built, the workout is more convenient, you can even do in your backyard. If you are looking to become physically fitter in terms of muscles, agility and endurance trust Bodyweight built, you will definitely achieve a fitness level you've never experienced in before!
  • Aaron R Aaron R
    For years I trained with weights and struggled to get the results i wanted. My body would fluctuate so I was never really progressing. Since deciding to skip the weights and go with Bodyweight Built I've seen fast results in my body! I have gotten bigger and more defined in areas I have struggled for years on. I couldn't be happier. Thanks for all your help and support along this journey!
  • Anna H Anna H
    4.5kg (9lbs) down in 21 days since working with Bodyweight Built and I'm doing my exercise in the living room
  • Ben L Ben L
    "I am 8 Kg down in 3 months and getting stronger every week. Love the program and knowing exactly what I need to do every training session!"

Are you ready to get your own amazing results??


Your own, personalised online training regime, calorie intake and personal support to reach your specific health and fitness goals updated every 4 weeks as you progress and improve.


Your 12-week online, step-by-step path to the best shape of your life. This progressive program will transform your entire body and have you at an advanced level after the 12 weeks.

Still wondering if Bodyweight Built is right for you?

If any of these apply to you, then you’re meant for Bodyweight Built …

  • You think you can’t have the body you want because you don’t have hours a day to spend in a gym.
  • You’re sick of the same stale, overcrowded gym environment and need something new.
  • You’ve have enough of expensive lock-in gym contracts.
  • You want a program mapped out for you in exact detail -the number of reps, sets and even the rest times all set out.
  • You’re tired of envying other bodies and want to create your own.
  • You want the freedom to work out anywhere without relying on fancy equipment or gyms.
  • You’re looking for a fun, time-efficient, challenging and motivating workout program.

Remember, it’s 100% risk free

Does your gym or personal trainer guarantee you results? Well - we do! Bodyweight Built transforms lives, and I know it can transform yours!

We’re so sure of it we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If the Bodyweight Built 12 Week Transformation hasn’t improved your performance in at least three of the eight quantifiable fitness measures in the first 30 days of training, we’ll return 100% of your money, no stress.

Who isn’t Bodyweight Built for?

Let me assure you: this program can work for everybody. It’s simple. Easy to understand and follow. And adaptable for every level of exercise experience.

However the workouts are hard and will challenge you. So it’s not for you if:

• You’re unmotivated and looking for lazy shortcuts.

• You’re not committed to sticking to the program and completing each week as it’s set out for you.

• You don’t seriously want a great body, more energy and more self-confidence.

• You believe you can get by with a less-than-healthy lifestyle and still expect to see change.

If that sounds like you, no need to read on. But before you go, remember...

That old saying is true: if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten!

Now if you’ve come this far down the page, I’m guessing that your health and fitness is something that’s hanging heavy on your mind. You must want to feel better, look better and get the satisfaction of achieving real improvement.

So you can either say “too hard” - walk away - and keep putting off getting the body you’re wishing for.

Or you can take a deep breath - say “it’s time” - and get yourself a proven method of exercise and workouts that actually get results, RISK FREE.

I know you can see the benefit of:

  • Exercising when and how you want - at home, on lunch break, indoors or out enjoying the weather.
  • Doing it even if you don’t have a gym, don’t have equipment and are pressed for time.
  • Having every step set out for you, so you know exactly what to do.
  • Getting the REAL results you've wanted.

So why not just give it a red hot go?

• Affordable • Efficient • Proven • Life-changing • Risk Free


Your own, personalised online training regime, calorie intake and personal support to reach your specific health and fitness goals updated every 4 weeks as you progress and improve.


Your 12-week online, step-by-step path to the best shape of your life. This progressive program will transform your entire body and have you at an advanced level after the 12 weeks.